How Food Impacts Every Aspect of Wellness

Happy Couple Enjoying Healthy Salad Bowls Outdoors

In a world buzzing with the latest diets and health trends, the fundamental importance of food in determining our overall wellness often gets overshadowed. While it’s easy to get caught up in counting calories or following strict diet regimes, it’s crucial to step back and appreciate food not just as fuel but as a key […]

Healthy Living for Seniors: Nutrition and Wellness Programs at The Pavilion at Great Hills

Healthy Living For Seniors

As we get older, making proper nutrition and wellness practices become more crucial than ever. At The Pavilion at Great Hills, a premier senior living community in Austin, Texas, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness for our residents. Our tailored nutritional programs and comprehensive wellness activities ensure that our […]

Senior Health and Wellness: How We Promote Active Senior Living

pavilion at great hills senior health and wellness

Aging Well: Respecting a Life of Accomplishment and the Wisdom It Brings Aging is a normal part of life that is to be celebrated. To best understand this, think about all that you know today, as a senior, that you didn’t know when you were 25. Your wisdom is nothing short of profound. Around the […]