Memory Care in Austin, Texas

Make every day meaningful, make every day new

Like you, we want your family member or friend living with a memory impairment like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to live his or her most active and rewarding life. Our Valeo™ program at our memory care community is designed to do just that by engaging every aspect of their well-being. We’ll not only immerse ourselves in their past but work closely with you too. It’s only by having a complete picture that we can offer the most complete care.

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What is Valeo (va-LAY-oh) memory Care?

Derived from the Latin word meaning “to thrive,” Valeo includes memory-care specific programs created for residents with memory impairments like Alzheimer’s, as well as a holistic wellness philosophy. Every Valeo program is personalized for individual residents, taking into account their unique abilities. The wellness philosophy engages residents and encourages them to improve their well-being through four pillar focus areas:

  • Physical: use nutritious food, exercise and active pursuits to improve physical wellness
  • Social: fuel existing relationships and create new ones with both people and pets in the community
  • Intellectual: fire up the brain with creative activities that engage the mind, helping residents recapture memories and preserve cognition
  • Spiritual: connect with one’s personal beliefs and honor their traditions

The goal of the Valeo philosophy is to provide daily stimulation and give every resident personalized opportunities for one-on-one engagement. We help people build relationships and pursue their interests in an empowering environment.

Custom Programs and Support at our Austin, TX, Memory Care Community

What you’ve done with your life and where you want to go from here is unique to you. At The Pavilion at Great Hills, we honor individual preferences and legacy by customizing all our memory care programming. We start with a wellness review of each resident’s abilities and a discussion about their passions. Then we design an individualized approach of support that creates moments that are meaningful to them each day.

Our Valeo Signature Programs are all based on an individualized plan. Each program is personalized for every resident at our memory care community in Austin, TX, building on a foundation of whole-person well-being and health backed by scientific research.

When Is It the Right Time for Memory Care?

Knowing when it is the right time for moving to a memory care community, supportive care for people with dementia or other major cognitive changes, can feel like a big responsibility. People with milder memory changes may be able to live independently or in a community with a lower level of care, and not necessarily require this type of care. Often, memory care is part of a transition from an assisted living facility or skilled nursing care

Following are some signs that it is time for your family member to transition to a memory care community:

  • Personality changes.
  • Confusion.
  • Incontinence or feeding difficulty.
  • Safety concerns.

At our memory care community in Austin, we can help you decide what living situation is best for your family member’s needs. Our team of professionals have extensive experience helping individuals and their families navigate these transitions. If you are considering a memory care community, take our five minute quiz to help determine your loved ones needs and level of care.

How Should I Talk to My Loved Ones About Memory Care?

The transition to memory care can be challenging for both the person receiving care and their family members. It is best to let the conversation unfold slowly to give your family member time to adjust to the idea. Begin by expressing your concerns about safety and wellness. People with memory problems like familiarity and routine, so it’s normal if your relative does not want to move. Involving the person in some aspect of the decision-making can help to preserve autonomy and dignity. In the end, it is important to convey the decision comes from a place of love and concern, as many older adults worry about becoming a burden to their family members.

How Much Does Memory Care Cost?

Many families worry about how to afford memory care. At The Pavilion, we strive to provide comprehensive services with pricing transparency. Valeo, is our wellness philosophy for our memory care communities and is built on living a life with meaning and purpose. The cost for living at our memory care community starts at $4,780 per month.

Ways to Pay for Memory Care in Austin, Texas

There are several ways to pay for memory care. Often, the details depend on your relative’s personal financial situation.

An option for paying for memory care is long-term care insurance. This is a form of insurance that is typically purchased in advance of needing care. Long-term care insurance often covers memory care facilities. The specifics vary by policy type, so it is best to talk to the insurance provider if your relative has this type of insurance. Ask about daily benefit levels, how long the policy will pay, and whether there is a maximum lifetime coverage limit. In many cases, relatives pay for memory care using a combination of the above options.

If you’re still wondering how to pay for memory care for your family member, contact us today. Our care specialists can talk to you about your options and make a plan to help you get the memory care services you need.

Memory Care Studio Apartments

Another cost-determining factor is which floor plan option you choose. At The Pavilion at Great Hills, we  offer a variety of senior apartments in Austin, Texas to further cater to each individual’s unique lifestyle preferences. 

What is Included in Memory Care at The Pavilion?

The goal of memory care at our community is to provide comprehensive services for all of your family member’s needs. This includes activities of daily living, such as administering medications and personal care needs. We plan mentally stimulating programming as well as social programs to foster connections between residents.

View a few of our Valeo Memory Care amenities and services below. Or download our free memory care guide view everything we offer. 


Why Choose The Pavilion at Great Hills for Memory Care?

The Pavilion at Great Hills is a premier Austin TX memory care program. At The Pavilion, we bring years of experience in memory care to create a joyful, caring community for people with memory problems or dementia. Our skilled nursing professionals offer compassionate medical care and assistance with daily activities. We also provide extensive programming to support our community members’ mental and emotional health.

Our memory care program is centered by our Salus wellness philosophy. This concentrates on the four dimensions of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. This holistic approach to wellness informs our programming. When your relative joins our community, we discuss his or her unique care needs, goals, preferences, and desires. We plan individualized activities to support each of our community members. 

If you’re seeking Austin TX memory care services, we can help. Call us today, or schedule a tour via our online appointment maker. to receive more information about The Pavilion at Great Hills. You can also download our memory care guide and our community brochure to learn more about the amenities we offer.

Our counselors have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of selecting a memory care program. We’ll discuss your family member’s care needs and any of your concerns. Then, we’ll schedule an in-person or virtual tour. We’ll happily answer any of your questions and help you make a plan for your relative to become a member of our senior living community.