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The Importance Of Choosing The Right Floor Plan At A Senior Living Community In Texas

When plans are being made to move to a new community designed for older residents living in or moving to Austin, one of the first things to consider when selecting the best senior living community is how to choose a floor plan. Choosing the right floor plan that aligns with your unique wants and needs is crucial. Why? Because the features and amenities in your future apartment need to ensure comfort and convenience so you can continue to enjoy a quality way of life in your new home.

Floor Plans and the Community

As you begin your search, it’s helpful to make a list of what you want, need and absolutely require in an apartment. With a checklist of preferences in hand, it’s easier to concentrate on communities that are able to meet your specific requirements.

While you research retirement communities in Texas, it’s also important to ask questions that will help clarify what both the community and apartments have to offer so you can make an informed decision. For example, it’s helpful to know if the community also offers apartments for assisted living or more specialized types of care, such as memory or dementia care, in case those options are ever needed in the future.

Whether you or a family member are researching by phone, email, or visiting the community for a tour, getting information and clarification about your personal list of requirements can help narrow down your options.

Assisted Living Floor Plans

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Memory Care Floor Plans

The safe and secure Valeo™ memory care neighborhood includes 23 apartments, with the option of choosing a studio or one-bedroom apartment.



 Questions to Ask About Floor Plans

Consider adding the below basic questions to your detailed list of questions about  your specific apartment needs:

  • Does the community offer choices in floor plan layout?
  • Are multi-bedroom apartments available?
  • Are the floor plans designed for easy entry and exit?
  • Do the floor plans support easy mobility and maneuverability?
  • What type of storage space is available within the apartment?
  • Are there any restrictions on customizing the floor plan of the apartment?

 Senior Living Floor Plan Considerations

Making a move to a new community as a senior can involve a variety of changes to personal lifestyles – that’s one of the reasons why it’s important to choose a floor plan that can accommodate individual needs with as little discomfort as possible.

Take into consideration the type of features and amenities you are looking for in a senior living apartment that 1. support a healthy lifestyle, 2. include safety precautions and security measures and 3. include a spacious and easy to maneuver floor plan.

Whether the apartment is for you or a loved one, ask yourself the following questions when selecting an appropriate floor plan:

  • Is the square footage of the apartment enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle now and in the future?
  • Is the apartment large enough to hold your most prized possessions?
  • How many rooms are needed to accommodate personal hobbies and/or belongings?
  • Are both the kitchen and bathroom designed for easy access? 
  • Will additional private storage space be needed to store excess personal belongings?
  • Is the floor plan set up to accommodate entertaining comfortably?
  • Is there a private balcony or patio for outdoor enjoyment?
  • Is the overall design of the floor plan inviting or does it create a non-homey atmosphere?
  • Does the floor plan include ample windows for natural light? 
  • Do any of the floor plans have restrictions when it comes to having a pet?

Everything at The Pavilion at Great Hills has been created to feel more like home and, of course, that extends to your beautiful apartment. Each studio and one-bedroom apartment feature high ceilings, which makes these already spacious homes feel even roomier. Your apartment will also have large, light-welcoming windows, crown molding and a truly functional kitchenette. But we’ve also left enough room for you to bring your own design touches to your new apartment. After all, this is your new home.