How Food Impacts Every Aspect of Wellness

Happy Couple Enjoying Healthy Salad Bowls Outdoors

In a world buzzing with the latest diets and health trends, the fundamental importance of food in determining our overall wellness often gets overshadowed. While it’s easy to get caught up in counting calories or following strict diet regimes, it’s crucial to step back and appreciate food not just as fuel but as a key […]

The Benefits of Memory Care for Individuals and Their Families

Old Lady Smiling at Her Grand Daughter

Navigating the later stages of life, particularly for those living with dementia, can present a complex set of challenges. Enter Memory Care, a specialized form of senior living designed to cushion the experience of dementia by offering tailored support and a community conducive to an elevated lifestyle. Offering senior living services in Austin, Texas, including […]

3 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

Smiling Seniors in assisted living

Planning for assisted living is not just about choosing your ideal community—it’s about ensuring that you have the financial stability to enjoy it. With the multitude of living options available, it’s key that you arm yourself with viable financial strategies tailored to your unique circumstances. Engaging in well-built financial planning strategies is vital. These strategies […]

What are ADLs and How Do They Impact a Person’s Independence?

Woman spending time with her elderly mother at home while meal prepping.

In the delicate balance of living independently while advancing in age, understanding day-to-day activities can be the linchpin to fostering long-lasting autonomy and dignity among older adults. Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs, stand as the foundation of care and support in assisted living communities, and it’s vital for individuals and their families to grasp […]

What is Catered Senior Living in Austin, Texas?

what is catered living

Moving into a senior living community is a crucial decision, and choosing a lifestyle option that aligns with your or your family member’s needs and preferences is essential. In the spectrum of senior living options, catered living has emerged as a beacon of independence, personal fulfillment, and attentive care.  The Pavilion at Great Hills, a […]

Ways to Promote Brain Health Through Nutrition

Seniors Making Healthy Food

As we gracefully enter our retirement years, our health needs and priorities change. In the grand design of human physiology, the brain assumes its rightful place as our most complex organ and demands a healthy dietary pattern combined with an active lifestyle and good rest. There are several ways to promote brain health, but nutrition […]

Healthy Living for Seniors: Nutrition and Wellness Programs at The Pavilion at Great Hills

Healthy Living For Seniors

As we get older, making proper nutrition and wellness practices become more crucial than ever. At The Pavilion at Great Hills, a premier senior living community in Austin, Texas, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness for our residents. Our tailored nutritional programs and comprehensive wellness activities ensure that our […]